I am a results-oriented Web Developer, driven to succeed with a passion for team-building and rising to the occasion.

I pride myself on my ability to consistently build positive rapport with clients, coworkers and external teams. I bring strong problem-solving and communication skills to my work, honed through professional experience as well as my academic training.

Top Skills

• Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS

• Web Development: React, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, EJS, Mongoose, oAuth, JWT, Axios, Bcrypt, Passport, RESTful APIs, Flask, Gatsby

• Data: SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, Jupyter Notebooks,

• Tech Stacks: GitHub, VSCode, Postman, Postgres, Slack, Heroku, Salesforce


EatVite gif


A web app, developed by team Quarantined Devs, to invite your friends to dinner (and help select the restaurant).

Tech: HTML/CSS, Javascript, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Node.js, RESTful routing, React, API calls, Auth/Login

See it Here | See the Code


A web page designed to help us all de-stress from a given day, problem or life emergency and hold onto a little sanity.

Tech: HTML, CSS, Javascript, RESTful Routing, PSQL, Database Manipulation, API Calls, Auth/Login, Basic Password Hashing

See it Here | See the Code

Dungeon of Doom

A Game: "Welcome intrepid adventurer. Turns out you're not very good at this and have managed to trap yourself in a room that is slowly growing smaller...ancient earth temples and all that. Happily, you thought to bring your handy laser gun. Blast the blocks in front of the door to escape certain doom. Or you know...don't. Good luck!"

Tech: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Canvas, Game Logic

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